Food and Nutrition

Does the role of food in our society fascinate you? Learn how food and nutrition influences individual and community wellbeing with B. Sc. (Nutrition And Dietitian) at RR Institutions. This course will develop your understanding of food and nutrition across a range of health, education, industrial and research areas.
Delving into the social, cultural, technical, environmental, economic, and political factors influencing food habits, diet and lifestyle, this course will develop your ability to analyse food product development, food consumption trends, factors influencing attitudes to food and health, food supply, food policy and ecological issues associated with food production and consumption.
These courses will include practical scenarios to assist healthcare professionals in implementing evidenced based nutrition information into their practice. You will develop your knowledge, understanding and skills in appropriate aspects of food and nutrition and its scientific basis to enable you to work in multidisciplinary teams in a range of health and industrial settings.

Courses offered

  • B. Sc. Nutrition And Dietitian

    Duration: 3.5 years
    Eligibility: PUC (10+2), Biology is compulsory